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    Beach Ride

    Everything was good; I had this idea for a picture that I had wanted to take in my mind and was finally ready to try and make it happen. The sun was out, the spot was chosen, we had a way to get to the spot. Everything seemed perfect. It wasn’t until we were leaving that the clouds started coming in and going in front of the sun. By the time we got to the spot at San Onofre beach, it was completely overcast with no sun in sight. The whole reason for this outing was because I had wanted to situate the setting sun glare somewhere off the side of the picture to give it a warm effect that made a nice natural glare over everything. I was so excited for this shot but was disappointed when I learned that it wouldn’t be happening that day. So what did I do? I made the best of the situation. I had ended up bringing along my SB 700 Nikon flash and a wireless trigger along with some gels just in case. I’m extremely glad I did because I had ended up using it for this shot. The natural light wasn’t too bad I thought it looked a little dull and I wanted it to seem like there was still sun in the picture so I could try to recreate the original idea as close as possible. I put a warming gel on the flash and positioned it off to camera right, where the sun would have been. I had wanted to be the model for this picture but since I had such a specific idea in mind, I couldn’t have someone else shoot this for me so I had my friend Steven model with some of my motorcycle gear on to pretend to be me. Processing was all natural since this was just one RAW image. I shot this with a 50mm f/1.4 lens and added the blue glare in post-processing. Hope you like the end product!

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    Met this girl named Natalie and she is extremely awesome! Turns out that she used to be a photographer as well except she was were I want to be eventually. She actually did photography for her job. Since she was experienced with taking photos she had also posed for many other peoples photos so I asked if she would pose for mine. Thankfully she was nice enough to say yes. Being that she has modeled before she was incredible to work with. I found it easy to direct her and tell her what I wanted and she even had a lot of good ideas that she thought would look good and they all worked. This is only one picture of many great ones out of the batch I have. I’ll probably put some more up eventually but for right now this will have to do. I’m pretty particular with the people that I am willing to do portraits of for my own projects and fortunately Natalie fit the mold. She is gorgeous and has an intense look in her eyes that really draws you in and I knew from the start of photographing her that these photos would turn out awesome. I tried to portray her intensity in these photos and went for a pose and look that really focused on that. I used a really shallow depth of field by shooting at f/1.4 with my 50mm lens. I found that this helped me keep the focus where I really wanted it which was her eyes. As far as post-processing goes, I barely even touched this photo. This is one of the few pictures where I didn’t have to clear up any blemishes because she didn’t have any! It was great. All I really did was put a curves and levels adjustment, enhanced some of the colors and cross processed the image a bit in Photoshop Camera Raw. Hope you like the results!

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    Rocky Waterfalls

    Along the stream to Bash Bish Falls in Massachusetts, there was this small hidden waterfall that was right on the edge of the water. It wasn’t really a waterfall per say but it was good enough for me. Fortunately it was cloudy out so there was no harsh light around to cast any unattractive shadows. Instead, it was just nice filtered light bringing out all the detail in the rocks and the moss. I had to take bracketed shots for this one because of the difference in light from the foreground and background. I couldn’t correctly expose the background with one shot because then it turned out with the foregrounded being entirely too dark. So I bracketed these shots at -2, 0, and +2. I used the usual Photomatix to combine the three exposure. I had just downloaded the new Photomatix and came to realize that there are these awesome new presets that make the HDR processed images look a lot better than the old presets the previous version used to have. I like to use one called “Photographic” the best and it is rightly named so. I hit a few sliders here and there but half the time I barely need to touch it. I highly suggest checking it out and getting the new version if you haven’t. It is well worth it in my opinion. I should also mention that this is a vertical panorama image as well. I had to stitch two processed images together because I’m unfortunately still using my kit lens to take all my landscape photos. Soon I will hopefully acquire a wide angle.

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    This picture is from a few weekends ago on one of my outings through Temecula, California. I had a pretty set picture in mind before I left and this one was it. I took my Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 because I wanted a really shallow depth of field. I was really looking for some purple grapes because I would have loved the color contrast but I think the green grapes still work. It was surprisingly hard to find full size grapes to take pictures of, believe it or not. I don’t know if I went here at the wrong time of year or just after they harvested all the ripe ones; then again they may not even let them grow that large. Either way, they were all so tiny! Fortunately I ended finding some good sized ones and snapped away. I wanted the grapes themselves to be in as much shade as possible that way they could retain their detail and could stay the focus of the picture. I didn’t even bring this photo into Photoshop for the processing because I did practically nothing as far as post-processing goes. This is a single RAW image file that had some curves and levels adjustments done to it.

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    Zion National Park 

    Over July 4th weekend my friend Chris and myself visited Zion National Park in Utah. It was about a seven hour drive from where we were so it was a little bit of a road trip. We ended up getting a campground at this South Campground in the park itself which worked out really well because it was near the tram pick up which took you all over the park for free. The park itself was amazing! There were red rocks like the one seen in this picture everywhere, and plenty of hikes to keep anyone busy. The first day there we did a hike called Angels landing which was about a 5000 ft elevation climb over the span of a few miles. It was an awesome start to the trip. The best part of the trip was the following day on July 4th when we hiked the Narrows and got stuck in a flash flood! The photo below was taken right near the tram stop at a place called the Grotto. There are areas to swim in the water around here since it is deep enough in some places. This was taken a little way up though right around sunset. If you can’t tell, I was standing in the middle of the stream in order to take this shot. During the day there was a lot of harsh light and it was tough to take shots that I was happy with so that is why I waited until the end of the day for this one. This is a bracketed shot, and even though it may seem it, it is not a full HDR. This is mostly processed off of two RAW images with the finishing touches applied in Photoshop. I don’t know if I have ever mentioned it, I’m sure I have, but Nik Color Effex Pro is an amazing program and I highly suggest it!

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    Boston Harbor

    If you ever decide to visit Boston then Fan Pier is by far the nicest view of the city at night. There is a nice walk you can take right along the edge of the water that goes around the Southeast area of Boston. I visited this spot with my two sisters while I was home on leave. The only drawback of going was that we had to pay about $16 for parking since we drove up here. I would suggest taking the “T” which is the Boston Metro System. Quincy has free parking and the “T” picks you up from there and goes directly into the middle of the city. Right near this spot is also the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art). This is an awesome gallery to visit that is located in a really cool, modern building. I had to wait a while for this shot because it didn’t get very dark until almost an hour and a half after sunset. I took some early shots during sunset because there were some really cool looking clouds too. This is a collection of 3 exposure bracketed shots that were taken on a tripod. I processed the whole image in Photoshop CS6 but most of the adjustments were done through Camera Raw. Surprisingly this is made up of a lot of pictures. Because I still don’t have a wide angle lens yet, I had to take 8 shots total (three for each since they were bracketed) and put them all together. Hope you like the results!

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    Forest Path

    One of the only paths that lead to Campbell Falls in Connecticut was this beautiful hiking trail that was nestled deep in a dense forest. It was a perfect overcast day when I came here and the green colors in the forest really caught my eye because of how vibrant they were. I set up my tripod one the bridge and snapped away not expecting anything special from some of these pictures since the main reason for going to this spot was for the waterfall. Fortunately the path proved to be just a beautiful a sight. I shot this with my Nikon D7000 mounted on a tripod. I bracketed the shots in order to mask away some of the darker and brighter areas and processed the whole image in Photoshop. The only add-on that I used was Nik Color Effex Pro. If you have never used this program I strongly suggest it because there are a lot of helpful presets and you can enhance the pictures pretty substantially whilst still keeping the natural look and feel. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

  8. guardian:

    A wildfire that disrupted an Oregon couple’s wedding also gave them the photograph of a lifetime.

    As guests were told to evacuate, wedding photographer Josh Newton took photos of newly weds Michael Wolber and April Hartley as the fire burned behind them. Full story 

    Photo: Josh Newton/AP

    (Source: theguardian.com, via desolation-moonlight)

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    Redhawk Waterfall

    All of you Temecula locals should know where this spot is. It is the well known waterfall that is off Redhawk Road. This was my first time visiting this spot and I was not let down. I was in Temecula for the day just traveling around wine country on my motorcycle and I found out about this place before I had left. I had never actually been through Temecula before unfortunately because this place was beautiful. Just traveling straight down Rancho California was quiet the sight. There were just fields of grape vines and orange groves. I will definitely be putting up other pictures of this visit soon enough. I just wanted to put this one up because it was my favorite from that trip. I came to this spot a little before sunset and had waited just until the time was right. Fortunately there wasn’t anyone there because I have heard that this is a popular spot. Sure enough, right when I was done shooting a group of me people showed up to take what looked like senior portraits at this spot. Looks like I made it just at the right time. I have been trying some different techniques on my landscape shots and decided to see how they would work out on this one. I dodged and burned some areas of the picture in order to keep some of the focus in the right spots. This is a RAW photo that I masked with a bracketed HDR that was taken at of course -2, 0, +2. I processed the RAW in Lightroom and finished the whole image in Photoshop CS6. Let me know what you think!